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Corporate Benefits

Your employees are your greatest asset. While they are busy taking care of the company, the company should be taking care of them. That is where we come in. Our Corporate Benefits team is a full-service employee benefits broker and consulting firm providing medical, dental, life, and disability income insurance. Since 1982, our Corporate Benefits Division has designed and implemented customized plans for thousands of clients locally, regionally, and nationally.

As an NFP company, we are provided substantial resources that translate to additional benefits for you. With full access to the resources of the 11th largest global insurance broker (Best’s Review), our Corporate Benefits team is able to bring to its clients leading-edge benefits consultation regarding compliance matters, preferred carrier relationships, high quality products, advanced benchmarking and analysis tools, and comprehensive implementation support services, which keeps your company ahead of the curve.

Voluntary Benefits

With rising health care costs and health care reform, employers are adding value to the company and their employees lives by supplementing their benefits programs with the addition of voluntary benefits. With little to no direct cost to employers, why not explore this exciting opportunity to fill in the gaps in your existing benefits programs?


          • Health insurance – fully insured and alternative funding plans  
          • Group life and disability Income insurance
          • Group dental and vision
          • Voluntary benefit programs
          • Flexible spending accounts
          • Long-term care insurance


          • Annual plan review, renewal design, and carrier alternatives
          • Periodic claims analysis
          • Benefits surveys
          • On-site employee enrollment meetings
          • Employee benefits websites
          • Real value statements (hidden paychecks)
          • Benchmarking data

Voluntary Benefits

As the U.S. healthcare landscape evolves, working Americans are increasingly turning to voluntary employee benefits to supplement core coverage. Voluntary benefits can offer added financial security to employees, with no direct costs incurred by employers.  Insurers are responding to this need. Through comprehensive voluntary benefit products and services, employees are gaining access to enhanced coverage that otherwise might not be available to them.  We carefully analyze your core benefit offering and present suggestions of voluntary products that complement, not compete with, your existing package.  It is our belief that employees should have options available to them and their family members that takes their personal needs and financial limitations into consideration.

We bring value to our clients and their employees through a variety of pre-communication and enrollment channels.  Our services include but are not limited to:

        • Analysis of total core benefit offering
          Recommend viable solutions that complement existing programs
        • Personalized pre-communication campaign
          Provides employees with a thorough understanding the products and services being offered
        • Consultative and personalized service
          Meetings are led by salaried enrollment specialists with an emphasis on educating employees. Flexibility to conduct sessions face-to-face or via conference call
        • Seamless enrollment
          Employees have the ability to make selections through a web-based platform or can be coupled with your annual core enrollment
        • Post enrollment meeting
          Analysis on enrollment results and trends followed by a discussion on how to enhance future open enrollments