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Retirement Plan Services

Your employees are essentially putting their future in your hands when they invest in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. As valued members of your company, it is a benefit you should be proud to be able to offer them. At the same time, it is a hefty responsibility that falls on your shoulders. You want to ensure the financial confidence that they have been counting on in retirement, while at the same time, making sure that the retirement benefit is being offered in a prudent and compliant fashion, as is required by law. To help you with these challenges, our Retirement Plan Services team will act as an advocate for you and your company – mitigating your fiduciary responsibility while maximizing the value of this important benefit for your employees.

The Retirement Plan Services Division was established in 2002 after Alan Meltzer and Andrew Prevost recognized a void in the retirement plan industry. They discovered that too many financial advisors specializing in individual asset management were dabbling in retirement planning without having the expertise to take a truly consultative approach. As a result, plan sponsors weren’t being protected and the benefits of offering a retirement plan weren’t being maximized. In order to address these concerns, Alan and Andrew built a team that is dedicated to providing service in three main categories associated with efficiently managing your employer sponsored retirement plan:

  • Investment selection guidance and due diligence
  • Plan design consulting and compliance
  • Strategic employee education (including non-sales driven investment advice)

Meltzer Retirement Plan Services will provide a more personalized approach – providing you with the education and tools that are necessary in order to be a prudent plan sponsor and fiduciary. Our team of consultants aims to help you develop a plan philosophy to ensure the retirement benefit is one that can be appreciated by your employees by delivering the outcomes they desire.

Consulting Services

  • Protect plan fiduciaries and executives
    Act as a 3(21) fiduciary alongside the retirement plan committee
  • Promote plan efficiency and compliance
    Take measures to reduce the likelihood of a Department of Labor or IRS audit
  • Analyze total plan costs and quality of services
    Ensure the scope of services meets your plan’s individual needs through Request for Proposal (RFP) and Benchmarking services
  • Develop education and communication strategies
    Design communication and education campaigns to provide plan participants with the knowledge needed to put them on a path towards a secure retirement