NFP Disclosure

As a subsidiary of NFP, we are a member of a financial services network containing over 175 owned firms and more than 320 member firms. Firms within the NFP network engage in one or more of its primary lines of business, which include corporate and executive benefits and property and casualty insurance brokerage. These firms, including ours, are compensated for services provided to clients in each of these lines of business. In addition to the standard fees and commissions received for the services provided to you, we or our affiliates may earn additional compensation for our role in providing certain products and services to you under separate contracts with insurance companies and group benefits providers. Insurance companies and group benefits providers may pay us or our affiliates contingent compensation upon satisfaction of factors such as volume, persistency or profitability of the business placed with such insurance company or group benefits provider. In addition, such product and service providers may pay us or our affiliates fixed amounts related to the support of NFP company conferences, conventions and other marketing efforts. As always, we value your business and appreciate the opportunity to provide you insurance, investment, and benefit services.