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Oct, 28 2016

How one broker is fighting to amend the ACA


Alan Schulman 10ed1b3In an election year where the burning topics are immigration, national security and an uneven economic recovery, one topic that has not received much attention is healthcare.

One would think that a sector of the U.S. economy that has an impact on every American citizen young and old would be a hot-button issue in the political debate. But even six and a half years after the passage of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the topic has barely received the same amount of airtime as a proposed border wall with Mexico and a ban on immigrants who adhere to the Muslim faith. So far, politicians and pundits have been mum on the topic in the race for the White House and the control of Congress.

Not that the Affordable Care Act has stopped making headlines. In late summer, insurance giant Aetna announced that it would no longer offer ACA policies in 11 of the 15 states where it operates. With this decision, Aetna joins UnitedHealthcare and Humana as major insurers opt out of participating in the ACA. One healthcare commissioner in Tennessee said recently, “Obamacare is near collapse.”

Alan Schulman is not surprised.

As an insurance broker and consultant in the Maryland area, the 64-year-old Schulman serves as a lobbyist for insurance firms based in the state and the Northern Virginia area. Schulman’s title is relationship manager for The Meltzer Group, the firm that acquired his firm, Insurance Benefits and Advisors, in August 2015.

You can read the entire article on Employee Benefit Adviser’s website.

Story written by Phil Albinus