“NFP | The Meltzer Group is a true partner in helping the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington with our commercial and employee benefit insurance. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to understanding, anticipating and meeting our needs while delivering an exceptional level of service.”

Ruth Carski, Chief Financial Officer, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington
“I just wanted to say thank you to NFP | The Meltzer Group for their help with my insurance coverage questions! This was more than helpful and I was able to straighten out everything prior to my departure, move and surgery. I appreciate their customer service and have let my coworkers know how much of a help they were to me!”

Kim Harris, Account Executive, RSVP Catering
“We were beyond stressed about our family’s personal health insurance claims. They were piling up on our office floor and we were never able to get to them. When we did submit the claims, the carriers always came back asking for more information, which only led to added delays. We both spend ALL of our time working, and we needed to find a solution quickly. We worried about it, stirred about it, but were unable to fix it. Fast-forward and we had an urgent issue on a procedure our daughter needed. We contacted someone we knew from NFP | The Meltzer Group, and were put in touch with someone immediately. This young man rushes to my office, goes through every single piece of paperwork we had and did not leave until we understood exactly what was needed. He’s a totally patient guy and left with all of the relevant paperwork needed to get us caught up. Can you say Customer Service!?!?!  THANKS!”

Barry A. Flax, Esquire, Principal, Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International, and Susan Kay, Vice President | Mid-Atlantic Region, TRANSWESTERN
“NFP | The Meltzer Group's Corporate Benefits team has been our Firm’s broker for health, dental, life and long-term disability insurance for nearly 20 years. Suffice it to say given the longevity of our relationship, we have the utmost trust and confidence in NFP | The Meltzer Group to deliver outstanding products at very competitive prices. We have found that NFP | The Meltzer Group truly acts as our business partner in presenting us with viable options and recommending the best course of action to meet our objectives in developing these employee benefit insurance programs. They have consistently displayed the highest degree of professionalism in this regard, repeatedly demonstrating that they are in tune with the latest trends in the industry. Further, their commitment has proven to be unending as evidenced by their assistance in developing employee wellness programs for our firm throughout the year and in ensuring that any employee claims or benefit issues are resolved expeditiously. NFP | The Meltzer Group has our highest recommendation.”

Lisa J. Levine, Director of Human Resources, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
"We have used NFP | The Meltzer Group for ten-plus years to handle our medical insurance and our executive life insurance. They have done an extraordinary job of serving with great expertise, organization, and guidance for these areas of strategic importance. I have highly recommended them to others and would continue to do so. They have certainly been an asset to both our company and to myself personally."

Marc Duber, Executive Vice President & COO, The Bernstein Companies
“As the head of Human Resources for The Bernstein Companies, I’ve had the opportunity to work with NFP | The Meltzer Group for nearly 10 years. Not only are they in “go” mode during open enrollment, assisting us in identifying the best solutions and values for our specific employee population and our needs, they function as a true partner to our HR staff on a regular basis throughout the calendar year.  Whether offering to advocate on our associates behalf when a claim review process becomes challenging or providing outstanding guidance and insight related to legal changes and compliance efforts, the insurance and benefits teams are not just willing to assist and provide service and solutions beyond expectations…they offer to do so on a regular basis!”

Sherry Clinton, Director of Human Resources, The Bernstein Companies
“The service that NFP | The Meltzer Group's staff delivered on the Colonial account is “Nordstrom-esque”.  Regardless of whether it is assisting with formulating a renewal strategy, getting us ready for the pending health care changes, preparing a spreadsheet, advocating on our behalf with carriers over a Colonial misstep, or resolving filing issues, NFP | The Meltzer Group Corporate Benefits Team has responded far beyond any expectations.  They work tremendously together, and their involvement gave us a lot of comfort.  The service is unlike anything I've ever experienced before and we appreciate that they are such a valued partner.”

Dave Souders, Chief Financial Officer, Colonial Parking, Inc
“Alan Meltzer and The Meltzer Group have handled our executive insurance program for many years. They are knowledgeable, creative, responsive and thorough.  I would highly recommend them to any organization in the market for these types of services."

Larry Nussdorf, Chairman and CEO, Clark Enterprises, Inc.


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